Reinout Douma (born in 1974) started playing the piano when he was 4 years old. Although he grew up surrounded by classical music, he was also interested in playing popmusic. Despite his love for music he decided to study law. During his study he began accompanying comedians and he met a new love : Jazz music! This convinced him to study piano jazz at Prins Claus Conservatory in Groningen, the Netherlands. In the year 2002 he graduated at Henk Meutgeert, Marc van Roon and David Berkman (project New York comes to Groningen). During his studies Reinout already plays different styles of music mostly improvized. With 4 women he started ‘Vrouw Holland’ (dutch comedian’s) and he performs with them in theaters all over the Netherlands. In 1998 he met dutch comedian Jochem Myjer. Since then Reinout is composing for his shows and in 2010 one of these songs reached the dutch charts ‘Top40’. Furthermore Reinout works in more collaborations playing jazz, pop, funk and musical.

In the year 2009 Reinout starts working on his dream of a big professional jazz and pop orchestra. Noordpool Orkest is born! He is the conductor and one of the arrangers of this new independent orchestra. He is developing his skills in conducting at Arjan Tien and Ed Spanjaard.

Reinout has been working with Jose James, Zara Mc Farlane, Ed Kowalcyzk, Janne Schra, Izaline Calister, Waylon, Benjamin Herman, Ben van Gelder, Reinier Baas, Bert Visscher, Jett Rebel, Nynke Laverman, Wouter Hamel, Sandra van Nieuwland, Anna Serierse, Tangerine, Douwe-bob, Glennis Grace, Laura Jansen, Karsu, Kim Hoorweg, Jochem Myjer, Jim van der Zee, Iris Kroes, Vrouw Holland, Jan Akkerman, Ali B, Syb vd Ploeg, Maria de Fatima, Elske deWall, Arno vd Heyden, Imca Marina, Maaike Schuurmans, Tim Akkerman, Julian Thomas, Jenny Lane. In summer 2012 the cd ‘Radiohead, a jazz symphony’ was released by Noordpool Orkest at Challenge records in 34 countries. In 2017 Noordpool Orkest released ‘Vasalis’ with dutch singer Janne Schra.